About Lisa

Sort of like your BFF and expert stylist — all in one.

You know that overwhelming feeling of endless scrolling through shopping pages? Or the panic that comes as you’re texting all your friends photos of your different outfit options? That’s why I started Gordon Style House—feeling good in your skin (and clothes!) should feel effortless and within reach.

After years in the fashion industry, I’ve seen firsthand how much style and confidence go hand-in-hand. The more comfortable you feel with yourself, the more confidence you’ll exude. As your personal stylist, I’ll curate pieces and style outfits that fit your vibe, body type and budget, so you can focus on crushing that job interview, calming those first date jitters or picking out vacation activities (not outfits).

With love,
Lisa Gordon, Founder

About Lisa

Q & A

What inspired you to become a stylist?

“Styling is in my DNA. My love for all things fashion started early on when I would visit my nana who used to work at Henri Bendel. Every time I visited her, I got to experiment with clothes and learn how to style a classic piece in so many different ways. Those early years really piqued my passion for styling because I got to see how much fashion truly allowed you to express yourself, and I wanted to help others experience the amazing confidence that comes from finding that unique sense of style.“

What’s your favorite type of styling?

“A good closet refresh is the best! I’m obsessed with helping my clients do a tight edit, and finding (or re-discovering) those great essentials, as well as identifying key pieces to invest in for the long run. I love supporting my clients through life changes: body changes, job interview or that last minute getaway.”

What’s your go-to advice?

“Keep it simple! Know your three favorite pieces. Take the time to discover what your go to pieces are, and then use them as the foundation of every look. And, most importantly, never underestimate a high quality white tee.”